Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fantasy Top 40 Batters Interactive Chart with 2011 Projections

Below is a motion chart created to compare the stats for the projected top 40 fantasy hitters with their 2011 projections. The stats I used are for standard leagues (R, HR, RBI, AVG, SB). It's a very cool way to compare multiple players and multiple stats at the same time.

Let me know if you see any trends that stick out.

Option 1 recommended for beginners: Switch to "BAR CHART" or "LINE CHART"(by using the icon at the top right of the chart). From here you can either view all the players or select multiple players to compare. Then you can also change the axes for different trend comparisons.

Option 2 experts and those interested in comparing multiple stats at the same time: Use the default start state (with the bubbles) and change the the two x and the 2 y axes to the stats of your choice and play.
TIP: bottom left bad, top right good, big circles are better as well.

Stats from Player Card