Friday, March 25, 2011

NBA Attendance 2001-2011 Interactive

Let's take a look at the NBA Average Team Attendance from the 2000-01 season to this season.

Things to look for:
  1. Cav's attendance before LeBron and after LeBron (going from last to 9th)
  2. Blake Griffen NOT having the same impact on average fan attendance that LeBron had for the Cavs
  3. The Pistons owned the mid-2000's? Who knew?
  4. The Bulls have been a great draw all decade...I don't remember them being good for the first few years however...good fans? cheap tickets? No clue.

Word of caution, the bubbles get a bit annoying in this chart so use the tabs at the top right to switch to bar chart if you want to campare year by year. The line charts can show you something nice as well here, but it gets busy with all the teams/lines.